Building Recognition

On October 28, 2011 our community came together to witness the unveiling of the kiosks powered by Smart Energy Now. Since that time, our program has grown by leaps and bounds. We have taken an aspiring concept and established a model; which other cities and countries have traveled here to see firsthand. Our efforts have been defined as entrepreneurial in spirit and results oriented in body. We have gained supporters and critics along the way. Point of fact is that we need both. We need our supporters to inspire us and we need our critics to fuel us.

Where are we today?

In collaboration with the USGBC North Carolina Chapter, we held our first Building Recognition Ceremony to recognize high performing buildings, outstanding property management and our community partner. The building recognition program compared the actual energy consumption to the predicted energy consumption over a three month period from December of 2012 to February of 2013 for each building participating in Smart Energy Now. This comparison was done for three building segments based on overall building area: buildings less than 100,000 sf, buildings between 100,000 sf and 500,000 sf, and buildings greater than 500,000 sf. The difference between the actual and predicted energy consumption was calculated for each building and the top three from each building segment were recognized.

Building Recognition Program  Winners

Building Recognition Program Winners

100,000 Sq Ft. or less:

• 402 W Trade – Managed by Percival McGuire Commercial Real Estate
• Torrence Building – Owned and Managed by Joann Wheaton
• Old City Hall –Owned and Managed by the City of Charlotte

100,000-500,000 Sq Ft. -500,000 Sq Ft.

• NASCAR Plaza – Managed by Parkway Properties
• Gateway Center – Managed by Gramercy Realty and Jones Lang Lasalle
• Transamerica Square – Managed by Bank of America and Lincoln Harris

500,000 Sq Ft. and above

• One Wells Fargo Center – Managed by Childress Klein
• Fifth Third Plaza – Managed by Parmenter Realty Partners
• 1 Bank of America Center – Managed by Bank of America and Lincoln Harris

Community Partner Award

• City of Charlotte – Rob Phocas

Outstanding Building Management Award

• Lincoln Harris – Kristen Deese

It was a special event; which clearly demonstrated the commitment that the community has made to become the most sustainable urban core in the country!

Susana Ayala
Smart Energy Now®

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