North Highland is showing why “Less is More” at their Charlotte Office and Clients!

Northhighland LogoIn support of Smart Energy Now, North Highland will soon launch its “Less is More Campaign” which will focus on energy conservation behaviors at both their local office and out at their client sites.  The program will additionally aim to transition the behaviors from work to homes as well. North Highland is a global consultancy who has reduced its energy impact already thru its local model which aims to be “globally local” with its consultants focusing on living and working where their clients do. The participating office here in Charlotte has 120+ consultants.

The North Highland campaign will last approximately three months to truly drive home the changes in behavior, as real change takes time and focus. A tailored survey will be used to help drive awareness and participation across their clients and their office.  The first of three surveys will look to establish a baseline understanding of current behaviors and the following two surveys will look to track improvement from that baseline, keeping everyone informed and engaged as they go.  Each survey will be approximately 10 questions and will focus on the behaviors that when addressed can have the highest impact for energy reduction.  Between each survey, they will provide several “did you know” newsletters to help inform on how to change and to support behavior change already in process. Towards the end of the campaign, North Highland will inquire to see if these new behaviors are leaving the office and coming home with their employees as well. Seeing these behaviors translate to home will be an additional goal for North Highland.

And of course North Highland will foster some good old friendly competition by creating and tracking surveys for each of their client teams and office team.  Through the competition across the accounts and office, they plan to reward and recognize the behavior changes in categories such as: highest participation in the campaign, the most improved behavior, and most importantly, the greatest demonstration of energy saving behavior overall.

North Highland is scheduled to kick off its Campaign just after the New Year, we look forward to seeing the results of this creative campaign!

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