Flipping Out is for the Birds!

Did you know that right now is the peak of bird migration season?  In fact, tonight while you are sleeping, hundreds of songbirds like this Black-throated Blue Warbler will fly over uptown Charlotte on their way north to their breeding grounds.

That is, unless they crash into tall city buildings that are lit up.

Migrating birds travel mainly at night and rely on the moon and stars to help them navigate. They get overwhelmed and confused by the artificial lighting from tall buildings.

Sadly, the Mecklenburg Audubon Society found these and many other dead birds in uptown Charlotte on April 29th during a study of migratory bird deaths from lights left on in skyscrapers at night.

A picture tells a thousand words. These beautiful migratory birds have made the trip all the way from Central or South America only to be attracted to uptown’s lights.

They have collided with windows and fallen to their death.  In fact, collisions with buildings are the second-largest human-related cause of bird mortality – second only to habitat destruction.

It’s another reason that we are Flipping Out (unnecessary lights)!  You can help save these migratory birds! Flipping out lights can reduce collisions by over 80%.  Turning out interior and exterior lights helps birds migrate safely through or past uptown.

Smart Energy Now®, the Mecklenburg Audubon Society, and Audubon North Carolina share the same goal: flipping out nighttime lights in uptown.  So, let’s keep up the good work of Flipping Out your unnecessary lights—it’s for the birds!

For more on the danger of lighted city buildings, see a recent article in the Winston-Salem Journal, “‘Lights Out’ program is for the birds”.

 For information on Mecklenburg Audubon Society and local bird walks and activities, visit www.meckbirds.org.


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2 thoughts on “Flipping Out is for the Birds!

    • Thanks Hilary! We think so to,not alot of people are aware that these migratory birds are flying into the buildings due to the lights being left on. By flipping off lights we can reduce energy and save these birds!.

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