Livable Communities

Last week I had the great fortune of attending an event in Washington, DC with Jim Rogers (Duke Energy CEO) and a few others on behalf of Duke Energy. Mr. Rogers received the Bridge Builder Award from Partners for Livable Communities for his work on building the bridge between business success and environmental sustainability.   

As quoted from the program:

 “The Bridge Builders Award honors civic leaders who have formed partnerships across racial, social, economic, and geographic barriers for the betterment of their communities. Through unique partnerships, these honored individuals pioneer programs and projects that stand as great examples to the power and possibility fostered when people put aside differences and join together for a common goal.”

During his acceptance speech, Mr. Rogers highlighted Envision Charlotte and spoke eloquently about the need to continue to push forward with this first of its kind public private partnership with the audacious goal of reducing energy consumption being led by an energy company! Talk about setting aside differences! He closed his comments by saying that this award meant that those that had chosen him were sending him a clear message that they were raising the bar on him and wanted more and wanted it faster.

Will we make our 20% reduction goal in 5 years? I know we are going to do everything we can to make that goal happen. My suspicion is that in many respects, our success factors will include a myriad of accomplishments both quantitative and qualitative from economic development to creating a culture of sustainability to truly reducing energy consumption in a measurable manner. I hope…no, let’s be honest…I pray that those of you with the ability, expertise, know how, passion, and even those with a doubting eye will put forth the effort to make this initiative all that it can be and join us.

Want to do something now?

If you are in uptown Charlotte and want to learn more about Smart Energy NowSM, then register at and take action.  Also keep your eyes open for the Energy Champions training program that we will officially launch in January. We are coming to your building soon!

One person CAN make a difference.


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About Vincent Davis

Thanks for checking out the Smart Energy Now blog. As one of the leaders for Duke Energy on Envision Charlotte powered by Smart Energy Now, I believe that this initiative can be a game changer in how people view and interact with energy. Our hope is that this blog along with the content on our home page ( will cause people to take action in support of a better planet via a collaborative manner. Stay tuned and we welcome your feedback!

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